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Anna-Lova Rosell

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303638

Room: F3224

Anna-Lova Rosell
Research subject

About Anna-Lova Rosell

Anna-Lova Rosell is Senior Lecturer in Education at Örebro University and works mainly with in the Teacher Education Programs.

In her research, Anna-Lova Rosell, is mainly interested in questions of Bildung. Her doctoral thesis is a theoretical study within Philosophy of Education in which on moral dimensions of individual formation is explored with the help of moral philosopher Iris Murdoch (Title in English: Striving towards unselfing. An educational study of Iris Murdoch’s idea of formation).

In 2020 Anna-Lova Rosell begins a research project with the aim of exploring possibilities of Bildung in reading groups organized through the concept of Shared Reading. The project is done in collaboration with the municipality, Region Örebro, and will focus on Shared Reading in different contexts such as schools, old age care and psychiatry care.

Teaching and pedagogical development
Anna-Lova Rosell’s work within the subject of Education and the Teacher Education Programs is mainly centered on courses containing Teaching Placement and training of mentoring teachers. Since 2020 she is contact for a subproject within the strategic initiative Teacher Education for Tomorrow. The subproject is called Practice Schools 2.0 and it aims to increase the integration between theory and practice in teacher education by developing the placement-based elements and strengthen collaboration with the region’s preschools and schools. 

Anna-Lova also works with internationalization within the Teacher Education Programs, and coordinates the international courses in education at Örebro University. She is part of the subproject Internationalisation and intercultural perspectives within Teacher Education for Tomorrow. 


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Articles in journals

Olsson, A. (2018). A Moment of Letting Go: Iris Murdoch and the Morally Transformative Process of Unselfing. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 52 (1), 163-177.
Öberg Tuleus, M. , Olsson, A. & Bonnevier, J. (2012). Sharing: a Comperative Perspective on the Relation Between Teaching and Learning. Journal of the Comenius Association (21), 7-12.

Chapters in books

Olsson, A. (2012). The Cultivation of attention in the light of the works of Iris Murdoch. In: Heny Fiskå Hägg, Aslaug Kristiansen, Attending to silence: educators and philosophers on the art of listening (pp. 41-53). Kristiansand: Portal forlag.

Conference papers

Frödén, S. & Rosell, A. (2018). An imaginative Space?: An Ethnographic Study of Toys in a Waldorf Preschool. Paper presented at International Toy Research Associaltion 8th World Conference. Toys and material culture. Hybridisation, Design and Consumption. Sorbonne Paris Cité University, Paris, France, July 11-13, 2018.
Olsson, A. (2010). Iris Murdoch and the Reading Experience: On Beauty and the Sublime. Paper presented at The Iris Murdoch Conference, 2010.
Olsson, A. & von Wright, M. (2009). Imagination and Reading for Enjoyment: On students’ space for creative action in classroom conversations. Paper presented at The 37th Annual Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA),5-7 March 2009, Trondheim.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Olsson, A. (2015). Strävan mot unselfing: en pedagogisk studie av bildningstanken hos Iris Murdoch. (Doctoral dissertation). Örebro: Örebro university.