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Anna-Maria Hambre

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Law, Psychology and Social Work


Phone: +46 19 301234

Room: L2413

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Articles in journals

Hambre, A. (2019). Cooperative Compliance in Sweden: A Question of Legality. Journal of Tax Administration, 5 (1), 6-25.
Hambre, A. (2017). Tax Confidentiality: A Legislative Proposal at National Level. World Tax Journal, 9 (2), 163-188.
Hambre, A. (2015). Några synpunkter på Europeiska Kommissionens Tax Transparency Package. Skattenytt Akademisk Årsskrift, 52-74.
Kristoffersson, E. & Hambre, A. (2015). Offentlighet och sekretess på skatteområdet 2015. Svensk skattetidning, 550-569.
Hambre, A. (2015). Tax Confidentiality in Sweden and the United States: A Comparative Study. International Journal of Legal Information: Official Publication, 43, 165-233.


Chapters in books

Kristoffersson, E. , Persson, A. H. , Nergelius, J. , Hambre, A. , Larsson, Y. & Valguarnera, F. (2013). Sweden. In: Eleonor Kristoffersson, Michael Lang, Pasquale Pistone, Josef Schuh, Claus Staringer, Alfred Storck, Tax Secrecy and Tax Transparency: The Relevance of Confidentiality in Tax Law (pp. 1079-1110). Wien: Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Hambre, A. (2015). Tax confidentiality: a comparative study and impact assessment of global interest. (Doctoral dissertation). Örebro: Örebro university.