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Berthollet Bwira Kaboru

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


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Berthollet Bwira Kaboru

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Academic background

Dr Berthollet Bwira Kaboru is an Associate Professor of Health Care Sciences. He teaches public health, health promotion, cultural competence in nursing and economic evaluation methods in health care. He obtained his Doctoral degree in Public Health Sciences, Specialization in International Health from the Karolinska Institutet in 2007. His undergraduate degrees are in economics (Kisangani School of Commerce) and in international development cooperation (School of Global Studies, Göteborg University).

His key research interests are in global health, health systems research, public-private partnerships, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, intersectoral and inter-professional collaboration and health in humanitarian emergencies.

Professional background

Dr Bwira has worked for the International Finance Corporation (IFC)/World Bank Group within the framework of its “Health in Africa” (HiA) program that aimed at supporting governments in promoting positive policy environment and investments in the private health sector. He also worked with Sida Secretariat for Research Cooperation. In addition, Dr Bwira worked as Scientist with the World Health Organization (WHO) Stop TB Department, concentrating on Public - Private Mix (PPM) approaches in TB care and control, with focus on the WHO African Region. He was involved in providing technical assistance to countries on PPM-related issues, including training country staff and supporting national TB control programs in the development of PPM operational guidelines etc.

During his doctoral education and post-doctoral research at Karolinska Institutet, Dr Bwira was involved in leading and lecturing in several international courses including sexual and reproductive health and rights and various global health courses. Dr Bwira has several years' extensive field research experience from an international multi-site projects in Zambia, Uganda, Congo, Burkina Faso etc. 

Internationalization in higher education

Dr Bwira is currently coordinating several collaborative programs between the Division of Nursing Sciences/School of Health and Medical Sciences at Örebro University, with several universities abroad. This work include both students exchanges, teachers exchanges, and research collaboration.

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Articles in journals

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