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Bodil Sundberg

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303367

Room: B4120

Bodil Sundberg

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About Bodil Sundberg

My research interests concerns early years education of science in relation to teacher education curriculum and education for sustainability. I have a PhD in Biology and long experience of teaching science at teacher education.

My recent project concern how Swedish preschools meets the reinforced learning goals concerning science in the preschool curriculum and how teacher education can lay the foundation for the skills and confidence needed to teach young children about science and sustainability issues. I am also involved in an international study that is aiming at comparing how preschool teachers of different countries are working with education for sustainability. In this context I am especially interested in how science encounters can be used within education for sustainability and how/if cultural aspects affect how this education is formed.

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Articles in journals

Sundberg, B. , Areljung, S. , Due, K. , Ekström, K. , Ottander, C. & Tellgren, B. (2018). Opportunities for and obstacles to science in preschools: views from a community perspective. International Journal of Science Education, 40 (17), 2061-2077.
Sundberg, B. , Areljung, S. , Due, K. , Ekström, K. , Ottander, C. & Tellgren, B. (2016). Understanding preschool emergent science in a cultural historical context through Activity Theory. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 24 (4), 567-580.


Sundberg, B. , Areljung, S. , Due, K. , Ottander, C. & Tellgren, B. (2016). Förskolans naturvetenskap i praktiken (1ed.). Malmö: Gleerups Utbildning AB.

Chapters in books

Sundberg, B. & Ottander, C. (2014). Science in Preschool – A Foundation for Education for Sustainability?: a View from Swedish Preschool Teacher Education.. In: Susan Elliott, Julie Davis, Research in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability: international perspectives and provocations (pp. 280-293). Oxon: Routledge.

Conference papers

Sundberg, B. , Areljung, S. , Skoog, M. , Ottander, C. & Due, K. (2018). Broar för naturvetenskap: kontinuitet i övergången mellan förskola, förskoleklass och årskurs 1-3. Paper presented at Nationell ämnesdidaktisk konferens (NÄD2018), Kristianstad, Sweden, April 26-27, 2018.
Areljung, S. , Due, K. , Ottander, C. , Skoog, M. & Sundberg, B. (2018). The role of children’s drawings in science teaching: A comparison across preschool, preschool class and early primary school. Paper presented at XVIII Symposium of the International Organization for Science and Technology Education (IOSTE 2018), Malmö, Sweden, August 13-17, 2018.
Ärlemalm-Hagsér, E. & Sundberg, B. (2014). Early childhood educators' understandings of concepts and practices for education for sustainability. Paper presented at NFPF/NERA Konferens, Lillehammer, Norge, 5-7 Mars , 2014.
Ärlemalm-Hagsér, E. & Sundberg, B. (2014). Encounters in the outdoor environment: Understandings and practices from the Swedish preschool. In: 24th EECERA CONFERENCE. US, THEM & ME Universal, Targeted or Individuated Early Childhood Programmes. Paper presented at EECERA 24:a konferens, Kreta, Grekland, 7-10 September 2014.
Sundberg, B. & Ottander, C. (2014). The diversity of science activities in Swedish preschools. In: Symposium Early childhood science education: Research methodology and findings of fieldworks. Paper presented at EECERA (European Early Childhood Education Research Association). 24th Conference, Crete, Greece, 7-10 Sept 2014.
Ottander, C. , Due, K. , Areljung, S. , Sundberg, B. & Tellgren, B. (2014). Understanding Preschool Emergent Science in a Cultural Historical Context through Activity Theory. Paper presented at Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education (NFSUN) 2014: Inquiry-Based Science Education in Technology-Rich Environments Helsinki, Finland, 4th – 6th June 2014.
Sundberg, B. & Ottander, C. (2010). The Development of Pre-school Student Teachers´ Attitudes Towards Science and Science Teaching During Their University Studies. In: Mehmet Fati̇h Taşar, Gültekin Çakmakci, Ankara, Contemporary science education research pre-service and in-service teacher education. A collection of papers presented at ESERA 2009 Conference. Paper presented at European Science Education Research Association (ESERA 2009), Istanbul, Turkey, August 30 - September 4, 2009 (pp. 157-166). Istanbul: Ankara Pegem Akademi.
Sundberg, B. & Ottander, C. (2010). What are the voices of becoming practitioners telling us about science in pre-school?: Pre-school student teachers´ attitudes towards science and science teaching - a longitudinal study.. In: 20th EECERA ANNUAL CONFERENCE. KNOWLEDGE AND VOICE IN EARLY CHILDHOOD Who knows, who speaks, who listens?. Paper presented at European Early Childhood Education Research Association. 20th EECRA conference in Birmingham,UK, 6th - 8th September 2010 (pp. 216-216).