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Conny Johanzon

Title: Lecturer School/office: Örebro University School of Business


Phone: +46 19 303000

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Conny Johanzon

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Conference papers

Frankelius, P. , Gunnarsson, C. , Hultman, C. M. & Johanzon, C. (2013). What’s in it for me?: How to understand relevance when designing greentech export assistance programs. Paper presented at 18th annual international conference on innovation “Baltic Dynamics 2013”, Riga, Latvia, September 11–13, 2013.
Gunnarsson, C. , Frankelius, P. , Hultman, C. M. & Johanzon, C. (2012). Exploring Export Barriers of Cleantech Businesses: An Interview Survey of Swedish Cleantech Companies. Paper presented at 18th conference of the Greening of Industry Network 21-24 October, Linköping, Sweden, 2012.
Frankelius, P. , Hultman, C. M. , Linton, G. , Johanzon, C. & Gunnarsson, C. (2011). The cleantech mystery: new theoretical model for understanding export capabilities in small and mediumsized innovative cleantech companies. Paper presented at The R&D Management Conference 2011: R&D, Sustainability & Innovation, the need for new ideas, initiatives and alliances, Norrköping, Sweden 28-30 June (pp. 14-.
Gunnarsson, C. & Johanzon, C. (2007). The impact of shared resources on service efficiency discontent: a management paradox in process orientated service systems. In: Proceedings of EBRF 2007. Paper presented at EBRF, Research Forum to Understand Business in Knowledge Society, Sep. 27–28, Jyväskylä, Finland (pp. 1-15).

Licentiate theses, monographs

Johanzon, C. (2006). Hur bra är våra processer?: Värdering av den inre effektiviteten. Lic. Örebro: Örebro universitet.