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David Machin

Title: Professor School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303587

Room: F3139

David Machin

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Articles in journals

Ledin, P. & Machin, D. (2019). Final reply. Critical Discourse Studies, 16 (5), 540-548.
Ledin, P. & Machin, D. (2019). Forty years of IKEA kitchens and the rise of a neoliberal control of domestic space. Visual Communication, 18 (2), 165-187.
Breazu, P. & Machin, D. (2019). Racism toward the Roma through the affordances of Facebook: bonding, laughter and spite. Discourse & Society, 30 (4), 376-394.
Ledin, P. & Machin, D. (2017). The neoliberal definition of "elite space" in IKEA kitchens. Social Semiotics, 27 (3), 323-334.
Machin, D. , Caldas-Coulthard, C. R. & Milani, T. M. (2016). Doing critical multimodality in research on gender, language and discourse. Gender and Language, 10 (3), 301-308.
Ledin, P. & Machin, D. (2016). Management discourse in university administrative documents in Sweden: How it recontextualizes and fragments scholarly practices and work processes. Pragmatics: Quarterly Publication of the International Pragmatics Association, 26 (4), 653-674.
Machin, D. & Van Leeuwen, T. (2016). Multimodality, politics and ideology. Journal of Language and Politics, 15 (3), 243-258.
Machin, D. & Van Leeuwen, T. (2016). Sound, music and gender in mobile games. Gender and Language, 10 (3), 412-432.
Ledin, P. & Machin, D. (2016). Strategic diagrams and the technologization of culture. Journal of Language and Politics, 15 (3), 322-336.
Ledin, P. & Machin, D. (2015). The semiotics of modernist space in the branding of corporations: A multimodal critical discourse analytic approach. International Journal of Marketing Semiotics, 3, 19-38.
Ledin, P. & Machin, D. (2015). Universitetet som en multimodal marknadsplats: Designen av en nyliberal managementdiskurs. Språk och stil, 25, 5-37.
Zhang, Y. , Machin, D. & Sang, T. (2015). Visual Forms of address in social media discourse: the case of a science communication website. Journal of Multicultural Discourses, 10 (2), 236-252.
Chen, A. & Machin, D. (2013). Changing genres and language styles in contemporary Chinese lifestyle magazines. Media International Australia: Incorporating Culture & Policy (147), 73-84.
Hansen, A. & Machin, D. (2013). Researching Visual Environmental Communication. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, 7 (2), 151-168.
Machin, D. (2013). What is multimodal critical discourse studies?. Critical Discourse Studies, 10 (4), 347-355.


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Chapters in books

Eriksson, G. & Machin, D. (2019). Multimodal analys av audiovisuell kommunikation. In: Ekström, Mats och Johansson, Bengt, Metoder i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap (pp. 255-276). Lund: Studentlitteratur AB.
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Ledin, P. & Machin, D. (2017). Ett statuskök i en nyliberal tid: köket i IKEA-kataloger från 1975 till 2016. In: Charlotta Seiler Brylla, Gustav Westberg & Daniel Wojahn, Kritiska textanalyser. Huddinge: Södertörns högskola.
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Collections (editor)

Richardson, J. (ed.) , Krzyzanowski, M. (ed.) , Machin, D. (ed.) & Wodak, R. (ed.) (2013). Advances in Critical Discourse Studies. London: Taylor & Francis.