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Inger M Jonsson

Title: Professor Emerita School/office: School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science


Phone: +46 19 302010

Room: K1117

Inger M Jonsson

About Inger M Jonsson

Inger M Jonsson is a PhD and Professor Emeritus in Meal Science / Culinary Arts & Meal Science(CAMS) with a focus on meal culture in a societal perspective. She has been interested in structure and quality in research development and postgraduate and undergraduate education in  CAMS at Örebro University. Inger also has an PhD in Culinary Arts and Meal Science a MScPH in Public Health Science. She and previously worked within Örebro County Council / Region Örebro with local, regional and national level public health on food and health.

Research area

Inger M Jonsson's research deals with the understanding of what food and meals mean in today's society. Restaurant meals as well as public sector meals applicable - culinary arts  with practical work and education, gastronomy including meal culture and hospitality (värdskap). Her scientific focus has a practical / aesthetic perspective where the symbolic and meaningful parts of the meal are reflected in questions about what food and meals mean based on gender, class and multiculturalism. Her dissertation from 2004 deals with the family meal and the information about food from different levels of society aimed at a wide range of households.

Collaborations and assignments

As professor emerita she takes part in the editorial committee for a peer-reviewed anthology (friend book) Understanding Meal Science- an anthology of 20 years of meal research.

Research project

  • Doctoral student project Ann-Sofie Jonsson - dissertation planned October 2021. Treatment and experiences of patient meals in hospital.
  • Doctoral project Daniel Östergren - part-time seminar October 2021. Gastronomy and education.
  • Doctoral project Kajsa Hult - field studies at



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