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Katarina Baudin

Title: Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303000

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Katarina Baudin
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About Katarina Baudin

Katarina is a reg Occupational Therapist and lecturer at the programme of Occupational therapy.  She holds a BSc degree in Behavioural science (pedagogy, sociology and psychology) from Lunds University and a MSc degree in Occupational Therapy from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.


Katarina teaches on the undergraduate level in the occupational therapy programme, in the areas of research methodology and clinical training. She is a supervisor in thesis courses  and is involved in the Master’s Programme in Occupational Therapy and/or Audiology. 


Katarina holds a PhD from Mälardalens University (2021) with the thesis:  "Assistive technology and Welfare technology explorations. Aspects of perception, utilisation and decision-making". Her research focuses on assistive and welfare technology, from the perspectives of the older adults, the significant others, the health care and social care personnel, and the decision-makers and managers.


She is an expert in SBU's project on "Assistive technology for mobility for people with mobility limitation".


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Articles in journals

Baudin, K. , Sundström, A. , Borg, J. & Gustafsson, C. (2021). Decision-Making Is in the Making! Aspects of Decision-Making in the Area of Assistive and Welfare Technology: A Qualitative Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (8).
Frennert, S. & Baudin, K. (2021). The concept of welfare technology in Swedish municipal eldercare. Disability and Rehabilitation, 43 (9), 1220-1227.

Articles, reviews/surveys

Baudin, K. , Mullersdorf, M. , Sundström, A. & Gustafsson, C. (2020). The Policies of Provision of Assistive and Welfare Technology: A Literature Review. Societies, 10 (1).

Conference papers

Baudin, K. , Sundström, A. , Borg, J. & Gustafsson, C. (2021). Hälsoekonomisk utvärdering av ett digitalt hjälpmedel: Memoplanner. Paper presented at Arbetsterapiforum 2021, Stockholm, Sweden, [DIGITAL], March 16-17, 2021..
Baudin, K. (2021). Patientens röst inom hjälpmedelsorganisationer : en deskriptiv kvalitativ studie. Paper presented at Arbetsterapiforum 2021, Stockholm, Sweden, [DIGITAL], March 16-17, 2021.. Stockholm:
Baudin, K. , Sundström, A. & Gustafsson, C. (2020). Decision-making within assistive technology and welfare technology organizations: how to tailor to give the patient a voice?. Paper presented at Advances in Health Care Sciences Conference 2020, Turku, Finland, [DIGITAL], November 11-12, 2020..
Baudin, K. (2020). Doktorandprojektet Hjälpmedel och välfärdsteknik: ur olika perspektiv. Paper presented at Kognet 2020, Sweden, [DIGITAL], September 30 - October 1, 2020.. Stockholm:
Baudin, K. (2020). How could eHealth/mHealth improve effective coverage? Closer care: the case of Sweden. Paper presented at Support for the Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting Expert Network, SEPEN Workshop, Rome, Italy, [DIGITAL], June 25, 2020..
Baudin, K. , Sundström, A. & Gustafsson, C. (2020). Managing decisions within health technology organizations: Descriptive qualitative study. Paper presented at ISG’s 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology, Trondheim, Norway,[DIGITAL], October 6-9, 2020..
Baudin, K. & Gustafsson, C. (2019). Litteraturöversikt och meta-syntes av vetenskapliga studier kring beslutsprocessen och hälsopolitiken av hjälpmedel och välfärdsteknik. Paper presented at Arbetsterapiforum, Hälsans Hus, Stockholm, Sweden, April 2-3, 2019..