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Katarina Lindblad

Title: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Music, Theatre and Art


Phone: +46 19 301427

Room: M3206

Katarina Lindblad

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About Katarina Lindblad

Katarina Lindblad is a doctoral student at the School of Music in the research school Successful Ageing. Her research field is older men (65+), music and mental health.   

Katarina is a music therapist MA, with a background as social worker and a BA in musichology.   2012-2014 she was a project leader and active music therapist in a Research- and Development project called Music as a care giving tool in dementia care in the northen suburbs of Stockholm. The following year she produced a webb-based education called Meetings in music- music as a care giving tool in dementia care, together with the Swedish Dementia Centre. Katarina holds lectures and workshops for care giving staff about music in dementia care, and teaches and holds the course responsibility for the course Omvårdnad och bemötande med konstnärliga verktyg at SMI, Stockholm.Since 2011 Katarina is running the Music Therapy Centre in Stockholm, together with a colleague, a private music therapy practice. Katarina is futhermore a concert singer and a presentor (free lance) at the Swedish Radio P2 classical channel and concert hall Berwaldhallen. 

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Articles in journals

Lindblad, K. & de Boise, S. (2020). Musical engagement and subjective wellbeing amongst men in the third age. Nordisk tidskrift for musikkterapi - Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, 29 (1), 20-38.


Alexopoulou, S. , Fart, F. , Jonsson, A. , Karni, L. , Kenalemang, L. M. , Krishna, S. , Lindblad, K. , Loutfi, A. & et al. Kristoffersson, E. (ed.) & Nilsson, K. (ed.) (2018). Successful ageing in an interdisciplinary context: popular science presentations. Örebro: Örebro University.

Chapters in books

Lindblad, K. & Jacobsson, L. (2017). Hjärtats saga – musik i äldreomsorgen. In: Sandell, A; Hammarlund, I; Kuuse, A-K & Johnels, L, Möten, musik, mångfald: perspektiv på musikterapi (pp. 117-128). Stockholm: Förbundet för musikterapi i Sverige (FMS).

Conference papers

Lindblad, K. (2020). Music and Identity: Analysis of a Music Listening Group with Older Men. Paper presented at Musikforskning idag 2020,10 juni,Lund.