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Lars Pejryd

Title: Post Retirement Professor School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303000

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Lars Pejryd
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About Lars Pejryd

Lars Pejryd is a professor in Mechanical Engineering. For more than three decades he has been active in research and development of materials and manufacturing methods that are in use by mechanical industry. With empoyments both in industry and academia he has a broad experience of both worlds and since 2013 he is active at Örebro University building a research environment together with industrial partners.

Pejryds scientific productions contains more than 100 scientific papers and three patents. His publications are covering a broad field of manufacturing methods and materials.

At Örebro University the research is focused towards understanding of how material properties varies in/through the component given the geometry of the product, the manufacturing process used and the material used. This in order to improve the support for the mechanical design process. Manufacturning processes that are studied are e.g. additive manufacturing, wire drawing, forming and converting of package based material e.g. paper & carton board. The work also include development and use of computed tomography methods (CT).


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