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Matilda Marshall

Title: Associate Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science


Phone: +46 19 302039

Room: K1104

Matilda Marshall

About Matilda Marshall

Matilda Marshall has a PhD in ethnology from Umeå University (2017). Her research concerns food culture, everyday food consumption, perceptions of sustainability and food storage. Her interest lays in food as a cultural phenomenon. By using cultural analytical methods, she explores how mundane habits and practices have been stable or changed over the past century.

Research on food storage practices

Currently, she is financed by Formas for the project From ice deliveries to electricity dependent refrigerators – food storing practices and ideas of sustainability 1920s- 2020. The project investigates how food storage in Sweden has changed since the introduction of electrical refrigerators in the 1920s. Through weekly magazines, archive material, investigations and personal stories, she explores how different perceptions of sustainability is related to food storage. Sustainability should here be understood in a broad manner, and may include questions concerning the environment, climate, crisis preparation, gendered domestic labour etc.

Previous research

Her thesis Sustainability for dinner explores how people understand the concept of sustainability turn it into manageable practices through their everyday food consumption. The study is influenced by social practice theory. It argues the need to acknowledge cultural aspects such as norms, perceptions and social relations in order to understand how people adopt or resist sustainable practices. The thesis was awarded the Baltic University Programme Annual PhD Award 2018 in the category Social Sciences and Humanities.  It also received an award by Årets måltidslitteratur 2017 in the category for doctoral dissertations and other scientific publications.


Matilda teaches and supervises in courses concerning food culture on BA and MA level within Culinary Arts and Meal Sciences. 


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Doctoral theses, monographs

Marshall, M. (2016). Hållbarhet till middag: En etnologisk studie om hur miljövänligt ätande praktiseras i vardagslivet. (Doctoral dissertation). Höör: Symposion Brutus Östlings bokförlag.


Ellsworth-Krebs, K. & Marshall, M. (2017). Household sustainability and online research methods: A scoping paper. St Andrews: University of St Andrews.


Walter, U. , Marshall, M. , Hörnell, A. , Niels Heine, K. & Hedh, H. (2020). Gastronomi som en länk mellan den svenska livsmedelsproduktionen och - konsumtionen: Hur kan gastronomisk forskning bidra till utveckling av den svenska livsmedelskedjan?. Umeå: Restauranghögskolan, Umeå universitet.