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Nader Asnafi

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Nader Asnafi
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About Nader Asnafi

Nader Asnafi, born in 1960, is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Örebro University. Nader has a long academic and industrial experience as Director of Studies at Luleå University of Technology, Researcher and Research Group Leader at the Swedish Institute for Metals Research, Head of Mechanical Properties at Sapa Technology, Manager of Product Design, Advanced Engineering and Technology Development at Volvo Cars Body Components, Senior Manager of Research and Advanced Engineering at Volvo Cars, Dean of the School of Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Vice President – R&D at Uddeholms AB, and Vice President and Head of Development at VA Automotive. Nader has

  • conducted market studies and business development, outlined customer offers, and realized management strategies and systems,
  • designed and implemented innovation strategies and systems, product, production and technology strategies, product plans, technology development systems and materials and production management systems,
  • implemented product, production and technology development and capital rationalization, and 
  • carried out and led research, development and advanced engineering to develop new sustainable products, manufacturing systems, processes and materials

both in Sweden and for Swedish companies and academic organizations internationally.


Circular Economy, Sustainability, Digitization, Digitalization, Innovations, Business Development, Industrialization, Materials, Materials Development, Generative Design, Product Development, Manufacturing Engineering and Systems, Operations Management, Forming, Forging, Rolling, Subtractive Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Joining, Finite-Element Simulations, Automation, Production Simulations, Supply Chain Management, Internal and External Logistics, Lightweighting, Carbon Steels, Stainless Steel, Tool Steels, Aluminium Alloys, Magnesium Alloys, Commercially Pure Titanium, Composites


Nader’s main focus area in research and development is Digitalized Development and Operation / Use of Sustainable Products and Production/Manufacturing Systems. This includes product planning and realization, materials, product and production development, and manufacturing engineering and systems assisted by digitalization as means/tools and with sustainability as the target.

His current primary areas of research are integrated product and production development in a circular economy, sustainable logistics, logistics control towers, circular supplies, materials processing, advanced materials in promotion of new lightweight products, production processes and sustainability, 3D metal printing (metal additive manufacturing), industrial digitalization, digital manufacturing, smart factory, automation, remote & predictive maintenance, and cyber-physically controlled smart manufacturing systems. For more information, see also the Group Strategy.


Nader has been/is the examiner and head lecturer in the following courses

  • Materials Processing, Cutting Processes, Non-Destructive Testing, Production Technology/Engineering and Lean, Production and Material Flow Analysis, Automation, and Sustainable Development (7 different courses), held in Swedish, and
  • Integrated Product and Production Development held in English.

Nader has led the international courses

  • Advanced Course in Sheet Metal and Tubular Forming in collaboration with Ohio State University, USA (Professor Taylan Altan) and Lund University of Technology, Sweden (Professor Jan-Erik Ståhl), and
  • Design for Metal Additive Manufacturing in collaboration with Vienna University of Technology, Austria (Professor Jürgen Stampfl), and University of Auckland, New Zealand (Professor Olaf Diegel).

 Professional education

  • MSc, Mechanical Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, 1987
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, 1997.

Academic appointments

  • Associate Professor (Docent), Materials Processing, Luleå University of Technology, 2002.
  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Örebro University, 2016.

Professional organizations and assignments

(The list above shows only the current status.)




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