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Parivash Ranjbar

Title: Affiliated Researcher School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 702 213650, 46 019 6023740

Room: USÖ

Parivash Ranjbar


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Articles in journals

Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. & Borg, E. (2018). Ready-Ride: A tactile communications aid to improve the mobility of persons with deafblindness in a riding arena. International Journal of Engineering Technology and Scientific Innovation, 3 (1), 56-62.
Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. , Akner Koler, C. & Borg, E. (2017). Identification of vibrotactile morse code on abdomen and wrist. International Journal of Engineering, Technology and Scientific Innovation, 1 (4), 351-366.
Larsson, M. , Ekström, S. R. & Ranjbar, P. (2015). Effects of sounds of locomotion on speech perception. Noise & Health, 17 (77), 227-232.
Ranjbar, P. & Akner-Koler, C. (2010). Konstfack designar hjälpmedel. Audio-nytt, 37 (4), 24-26.
Ranjbar, P. (2010). Omgivningens ljud fångas upp av nytt hjälpmedel. AudioNYTT, 37 (4), 14-17.
Ranjbar, P. , Remes, J. , Alexandersson, L. & Axelhed, I. (2010). Timstock hjälper dövblinda uppfatta tiden. AudioNYTT, 37 (4), 28-30.
Ranjbar, P. , Anderzén-Carlsson, A. , Neovius, L. , Johansson, C. & Borg, E. (2009). Vibrotactile detection, identification and directional perception of signal-processed sounds from environmental events: a pilot field evaluation in five cases. Iranian Rehabilitation Journal, 6 (7-8), 89-107.
Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. & Erik, B. (2009). Vibrotactile identification of signal-processed sounds from environmental events. Journal of rehabilitation research and development, 46 (8), 1021-1036.
Ranjbar, P. , Borg, E. , Philipson, L. & Stranneby, D. (2008). Auditive identification of signal-processed environmental sounds: monitoring the environment. International Journal of Audiology, 47 (12), 724-736.

Conference papers

Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. & Borg, E. (2018). Hudens multivibratoriska diskriminationsförmåga för kommunikation med Braille. Paper presented at TeMa Hörsel 2018, Örebro, Sweden, 13-15 March, 2018.
Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. & Borg, E. (2018). Ready-Ride, Ready-Move and VibroBraille Three Tactile Aids to Improve the Mobility of Persons with Deafness, Blindness or Deafblindness. Paper presented at European Congress of Adapted Physical Activity (EUCAPA), Worcester, England, 3-5 July, 2018.
Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. , Borg, E. & Akner-Koler, C. (2017). Haptic technical aids Distime, Monitor, Good vibrations, Ready-Ride and VibroBraille for improvement of Time perception, Environmental perception, music perception, mobility and communication for persons with deafblindness: Tactile aids. In: Tactile aids. Paper presented at The 9th DbI European conference on Deafblindness in Denmark, Aalborg, Denmark, September 5-8, 2017. Ahlborg:
Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. , Akner-Koler, C. & Borg, E. (2014). Haptic Technical Aids for EnvironmentalPerception, Time Perception and Mobility (in a Riding Arena) for Persons with Deafblindness. In: HAPTICS: NEUROSCIENCE, DEVICES, MODELING, AND APPLICATIONS, PT II. Paper presented at 9th International Conference on Haptics - Neuroscience, Devices, Modeling and Applications (EuroHaptics), Versailles, France, June 24-27, 2014. (pp. 488-490). Springer Berlin/Heidelberg.
Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. , Akner-Koler, C. & Borg, E. (2014). Haptic technical aids for improvement of Time perception, Environmental perception and Mobility (in a riding arena) and Music perception for persons with deafblindness. Paper presented at NAS International Conference on Audiology 2014, Turku, Finland, 1-3 September, 2014. Turku:
Ranjbar, P. , Stranneby, D. , Akner-Koler, C. & Borg, E. (2012). Monitor: a vibrotactile aid to improve environmental perception of persons with severe hearing impairment/deafblindness. In: TeMA Hörsel, 2012. Paper presented at TeMA Hörsel 2012, Linköping, 28-30 mars, 2012.
Stranneby, D. , Ranjbar, P. , Akner-Koler, C. & Borg, E. (2012). Ready-Ride: a positioning and communication system to increase the autonomy of riders with visual impairment/deafblindness. Paper presented at TeMA Hörsel 2012, Linköping.
Stranneby, D. , Ranjbar, P. , Montgomery Cederheim, A. , RantanenPeterson, M. , Akner-Koler, C. & Borg, E. (2011). Ready-Ride Increase the Autonomy of Riders with Deafblindness. Paper presented at Demonstration NO:32, haptics2011, Istanbul.
Ranjbar, P. (2007). Sensing the Environment: a Perceptual and Psychosocial Analysis of Events in the Surroundings from a Handicap Perspective. Medicinteknikdagarna Örebro. Paper presented at Svensk förening för medicinsk teknik och fysik, medicinteknikdagarna örebro 2007 2-3 okt..
Ranjbar, P. (2007). Sinnena, konst och vetenskap: att känna omvärlden. Paper presented at Sinnena, konst och vetenskap i Örebro - Grythyttan.
Ranjbar, P. , Borg, E. , Philipson, L. & Stranneby, D. (2003). Sensing the environment: A perceptual and psychosocial analysis of events in surroundings from a handicapped perspective. Paper presented at 13th Deafblind World Conference 2003, Toronto, Canada, August 2003.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Ranjbar, P. (2009). Sensing the environment: development of monitoring aids for persons with profound deafness or deafblindness. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Örebro: Örebro universitet.