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Sara Shahin Moghadam

Title: Lecturer School/office: Örebro University School of Business


Phone: +46 19 303594

Room: N3036

Sara Shahin Moghadam

About Sara Shahin Moghadam

Sara is a lecturer in business administration. She is currently teaching various courses including, sustainable supply chain management, B2B marketing, operations and process management and agent-based modelling and simulation.

Her interests specifically are the design and implementation of Agent-based models in various fields of social sciences and their interface with other disciplines. Her specific area of focus is interactions of supply-side and demand-side of supply chains. I.e. bridging the production and consumption elements specifically when it comes to the sustainable transitions of supply and demand. She is interested in the interaction between the behavioral elements of the consumers and their consequences for the business interactions of the supply-side actors such as retailers, wholesalers and farmers. This focus arises from the fact that sustainable transition of businesses in supply networks requires an integrative perspective that simultaneously takes into account both consumers’ behaviors and business actors’ behaviors.

In her PhD dissertation "Modelling the Structural Dynamics of Business Networks" (completed 2021 at the Örebro University), she developed two theoretically-driven agent-based models of supply networks. The aim was to describe and analyse the structural changes of business networks that emerge as a result of change triggers.

Sara is also currently involved in a collaborative Belgian nationally funded project with researchers from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, in which she is reproducing and extending an epidemiological individual-based model to an agent-based model of the COVID pandemic. The aim is to include behavioural elements of the population in the modelling and explore the influence of risk perceptions of individuals within the population on the dynamics of the disease.


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