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Vasiliki Kondyli

Title: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 302167

Room: T2223

Vasiliki Kondyli

About Vasiliki Kondyli

I am a Ph.D. student at the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS), as part of the Newbreed-Successful Ageing interdisciplinary program by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action and the Örebro University. My research work is developing in the interface of design computing, spatial cognition, and environmental psychology.

My research interest involves human perception and cognition in the built environment, inclusive design principles, as well as the development of a cognitive technological framework for people-centred parametric design. My current project focusses on multimodal behavioural studies with an emphasis on the visuo-locomotive perception of humans and aims to extract precedents that can be embedded into assistive technologies in a range of design applications such as HRI design, user experience design, etc. Special consideration is on the individual differences of users emanating from ageing, and age-related specific conditions.

Research projects


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Articles in journals

Kondyli, V. , Bhatt, M. & Hartmann, T. (2018). Precedent Based Design Foundations for Parametric Design: The Case of Navigation and Wayfinding. Advances in Computational Design, 3 (4), 339-366.

Conference papers

Kondyli, V. & Bhatt, M. (2020). Multimodality on the Road: Towards Evidence-Based Cognitive Modelling of Everyday Roadside Human Interactions. In: Lars Hanson, Dan Högberg, Erik Brolin, Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering. Paper presented at 6th International Digital Human Modeling Symposium (DHM 2020 Online), Skövde, Sweden, August 31 - September 2, 2020 (pp. 131-142). IOS Press.
Kondyli, V. , Bhatt, M. & Suchan, J. (2020). Towards a Human-Centred Cognitive Model of Visuospatial Complexity in Everyday Driving. In: Rudolph S., Marreiros G., CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Paper presented at 9th European Starting AI Researchers’ Symposium 2020 co-located with 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020), Santiago Compostela, Spain, August, 2020.
Kondyli, V. & Bhatt, M. (2018). Spatial knowledge update in rotational locomotion: On the role of visuo-spatial cues and familiarity: A case-study at the Bremen train-station. Paper presented at The 16th European Workshop on Imagery and Cognition (EWIC) - From World to Mind: Images and Representations, Padua, Italy, June 7-9, 2018.
Kondyli, V. , Schultz, C. & Bhatt, M. (2017). Evidence-Based Parametric Design: Computationally Generated Spatial Morphologies Satisfying Behavioural-Based Design Constraints. In: 13th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT 2017). Paper presented at 13th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT 2017), L'Aquila, Italy, September 4-8, 2017 (pp. 11:1-11:14). Springer International Publishing AG.
Kondyli, V. , Bhatt, M. & Hartmann, T. (2017). Towards People-Centred Precedents for Parametric Design: The Case of Wayfinding in Large Scale Buildings. In: Fréderic Bosché; Ioannis Brilakis; Rafael Sacks, Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Computing in Construction (JC3). Paper presented at Lean and Computing in Construction Congress (LC3), Heraklion, Crete, Greece, July 4-7, 2017 (pp. 803-810). Edinburgh, UK: Heriot-Watt University.
Kondyli, V. , Bhatt, M. & Hartmann, T. (2017). Towards Precedent Based Design Foundations for Parametric Design Systems. In: Christian Koch; Walid Tizani; Jelena Ninic, Proceedings of the 24th EG-ICE International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering (EG-ICE 2017). Paper presented at 24th EG-ICE International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering, Nottingham, United Kingdom, July 10-12, 2017 (pp. 178-187). European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering (EG-ICE).
Bhatt, M. , Suchan, J. , Schultz, C. , Kondyli, V. & Goyal, S. (2016). Artificial Intelligence for Predictive and Evidence Based Architecture Design. In: Proceedings of the Thirtieth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-16). Paper presented at 30th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2016), Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, United States, February 12-17, 2016 (pp. 4349-4350). AAAI press.
Bhatt, M. , Suchan, J. , Kondyli, V. & Schultz, C. (2016). Embodied visuo-locomotive experience analysis: immersive reality based summarisation of experiments in environment-behaviour studies. In: Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception (SAP 2016). Paper presented at ACM Symposium on Applied Perception (SAP 2016), Anaheim, California, USA, July 22-23, 2016 (pp. 133-133). USA: ACM Digital Library.