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Vladimir Cotal San Martin

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303808

Room: F3123

Vladimir Cotal San Martin

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About Vladimir Cotal San Martin


Ph.D. Media and Communication studies, Örebro University

M.A. Sociology, Umeå University


Research project and areas of research interests

Vladimir Cotal San Martin works on the critical discourse analysis of neoliberalism and global capitalism while focusing specifically on representations of working class and working conditions in traditional, independent and social media. His research interests also include global media and social transformation, media and globalization, global journalism, world news, critical theory, and critical discourse analysis of mediated and political communication.

Earlier studies he has conducted has focused on news medias representations of the (working)class, swedish immigrant suburbs and ethnicity. Social movements and union organization in a globalized world has also been part of his earlier research studies and interests.



  • Media and Communication, basic level (Media history, Media Ownership. Course Coordinator for Media history, media structure and convergence)
  • Media and Communication, Intermediate level (Qualitative Method, Critical Discourse Studies)
  • Media and Communication, Candidate level (Supervision of bachelor thesis)
  • Media and Communication, Master level (Reserach methods & Skills, Supervision of master thesis)
  • Sociology, basic level (Class and Stratification)
  • Sociology, candidate level (Qualitative Methods, Sociological Theory and Supervision of bachelor thesis)


Accepted papers and/or Presentations

-2018: ECREA, Lugano, Schweiz. "Representing Workers' Conditions in Developing Countries. A Cross-National Comparison of Mainstream Newspapers"

-2017: IAMCR, Cartagena, Colombia. "How Newspapers in Five Countries Represent Working Conditions in 'Developing Countries'"

-2015: LSE (London School of Economics) Media and Communications PhD Symposium, Struggle and Resistance in Media and Communications: Structure versus Agency? Presentation: "It's Not You and Me!: Labour Media on the Web and the representation of Workers' Working Conditions"


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Chapters in books

Cotal San Martin, V. (2011). Sverigedemokraterna och "Invandrarproblemet". In: Tapio Salonen, Hela staden: social hållbarhet eller desintegration? (pp. 107-119). Umeå: Boréa Bokförlag.

Conference papers

Cotal San Martin, V. (2018). Representing Workers' Conditions in Developing Countries: A Cross-National Comparison of Mainstream Newspapers. Paper presented at 7th European Communication Conference (ECC 2018) "Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation", Lugano, Switzerland, October 31 - November 3, 2018.

Doctoral theses, monographs