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Yuliya Lakew

Title: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303044

Room: F3125

Yuliya Lakew

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In her PhD thesis she studies the role of communication in youth's environmental engagement. The purpose of the reseach is to analyze the interplay of different communication flows - from parents, peers, shool, and media - and the conditions under which communication facilitates youth's engagement with environmental issues.

Her research interests include political communication, environmental communication, media effects, audience studies, youth studies


Quantitative methodology on B and C level,

Global Communications

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Articles in journals

Ojala, M. & Lakew, Y. (2017). Young People and Climate Change Communication. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science.

Chapters in books

Ojala, M. & Lakew, Y. (2018). Young people and climate change communication. In: Matthew C. Nisbet, Shirley S. Ho, Ezra Markowitz, Saffron O’Neill, Mike S. Schäfer, and Jagadish Thaker, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication: Volume III (pp. 609-628). New York: Oxford University Press.