Michal Krzyzanowski in Stockholm

Michal Krzyzanowski, Professor of Media and Communication, brought together international researchers for an interdisciplinary examination of social media.

“In June, Örebro University is at the centre of international research on politics, communication and social media, organising a major international symposium that brings together leading global experts working on communication and politics in the context of social & online media.

The symposium which takes place in Stockholm is interdisciplinary and gathers scholars in media and communication studies, political communication research, e-democracy analysis, political studies, sociology and language studies.

It includes leading international academics representing various theoretical and methodological standpoints and disciplines, coming from Sweden, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, UK or the USA.

It very clearly shows the global role of Örebro University as one of leading international centres of research on social/online media and politics

There is a number of ways in which social media – for example Twitter or Facebook – can be used in a positive way in politics. This is the case when they are used to strengthen public networks in sites of protest which require political mobilization across the globe. But the very same social media can also be used by, for example, right-wing populist parties to spread anti-immigration language and rhetoric and seek support for their politics of exclusion. We must therefore be well aware of opportunities but also dangers brought about by social/online media in politics and be able to analyse them in a reliable and systematic way.

The symposium will call for new, critical ways of approaching and analysing politics and social/online media. In particular, it will argue for closer work across disciplines.”