Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS)

Research Teams at AASS

AASS is organised into five labs, each with specific scientific directions and competences. The labs also collaborate in a number of cross-lab projects, like the Semantic Robots projects.

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Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Lab

At the AMM lab we strive to enable mobile robots to perform complex interaction with their environment. We perform research on perception and motion synthesis for mobility and manipulation.

Cognitive Robotic Systems Lab

R&D on cognitive abilities for embedded physical systems such as robots and/or sensor systems. These cognitive abilities include: knowledge-representation, planning and scheduling, and hybrid reasoning/inference.

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Machine Perception and Interaction Lab logotype

Machine Perception and Interaction Lab

R&D on sensor-based perception for intelligent systems and evaluation of the quality of interaction of systems with multi-actors. Focus on representation learning of sensor data, semantic perception and human-systems interaction including human-robot interaction.

Mobile Robots and Olfaction Lab

R&D on perception for robots: rich 3D maps (3D optical/laser data augmented with additional sensor data and semantic information); robot vision for mapping, localization and navigation (e.g.,VSLAM); and mobile robot olfaction – gas discrimination and quantification, statistical gas distribution modelling and gas source localization with mobile robots.

Mobile Robots and Olfaction Lab logotype

Multi-Robot Planning and Control Lab logotype

Multi-Robot Planning and Control Lab

R&D on automated planning and control for robots and multi-robot systems. Focus on integrated task and motion planning, coordination, hybrid reasoning about time, space, motions, resources and tasks, plan-based robot control with realistic boundary conditions, and online multi-robot planning .