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Effective Coordination for Safety

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About this project

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In progress 2015 - 2015


Henrik Andershed

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Publications: Slutrapport (in Swedish) and EST - En utvärdering (in Swedish)

In order to create a comprehensive picture of the situation and assess what efforts that must be made promptly in different neighbourhoods and in different places, both authorities and other local actors need to contribute with information about actual events and perceived safety. Coordination must also take place so that various actors can take part of the same overall and current situation and then influence the situation and its development. We have therefore in Örebro Municipality started the development of a new methodology: Effective Coordination for Security - with the goal that society's positive forces will effectively be coordinated and work together to reduce unsafety. The method has been tested in a few months with perceived promising results.

This project extends for one year, during 2015, and aims to finalize the method, create a handbook, and plan for an evaluation during 2016.


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  • The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention