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Doing Intersectionality in Gender Based Violence (DIG)

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Sofia Strid

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This research group analyses and compares the dynamics of intersectionality and violence in gender equality policy and policymaking processes in the EU, and in relation to local, national and transnational political landscapes and equality architectures. The group examines how intersectionality is ‘dealt with’ in the making of gender based violence policy. It means that we focus on how multiple inequalities are included or excluded in policymaking, and negotiated in practice. We focus on both the content, i.e. the policy outcome, and form, i.e. the policy process. The latter deals with the way in which (organised) interests, in particular those based on gender, class, ethnicity, functionality, and sexual orientation, are both and sometimes simultaneously, opposed and obstructed and provided with opportunities for visibility and representation.

Empirically we examine what inequalities or constellations of inequality groups are consulted and have a voice in the making of policy, and how institutions, organisations, commissions etc. work with intersectionality in practice. How do women’s organisations or equality commissions include/exclude inequalities and their intersections?

Theoretically, we explore and develop the concepts of intersectionality/ies and gender based violence by examining the ways in which multiple inequalities, that have long been prominent in feminist action and intervention on violence, are made visible, negotiated and conceptualized in gender-based violence policy and policy debates. This continues a very long feminist tradition on the multiple historical linkages between practice, politics, policy, and theory.

Researchers: Sofia Strid (Örebro University, Sweden), Mieke Verloo (Radboud University, The Netherlands), Emanuela Lombardo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Lise Rolandsen-Augustin (Aalborg University, Denmark), Andrea Krizsán (Central European University, Hungary), Raluca Popa (Central European University, Hungary and Council of Europe, France), Gülbanu Altunok (Brown University).    



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  • EU Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)
  • Swedish Research Council