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Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities

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Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities (CSMM) has been a rapidly growing area of research within Feminist Studies and Gender Studies over recent decades. The research group brings together researchers in the Centre for Feminist Social Studies and beyond, across such disciplines as anthropology, education, gender studies, history, musicology, sociology, social work and sport science to research on critical studies on men and masculinities. The members of the research group are involved in analysing men and masculinities in explicitly gendered intersectional ways in a wide variety of specific local, national and transnational contexts, and through a range of research projects, at doctoral and postdoctoral levels. This activity continues the development of national, Nordic, European and international research, research networks and collaborations, organising the 2017 Nordic Conference on men and masculinities, seminars, and workshops for researchers at Örebro and elsewhere. The main research orientation entails both the naming and the deconstruction of men and masculinities. This includes The group aims to develop further studies and explorations of: theorising men and masculinities; transnational change around men and masculinities; and men and masculinities in relation to boys, emotions, family, history, knowledge production, music, organisations, patriarchal forms, professions, sexuality, sport, technology, theorising men and masculinities; trans*gender, violence, work, and other empirical, cultural and policy questions.

Convenors: Daniel Alsarve and Jeff Hearn

Members: Daniel Alsarve‎; Tobias Axelsson‎; Dag Balkmar‎; Sam de Boise‎; Felicia Garcia; Jeff Hearn; Katarina Lindblad; Zara Saeidzadeh

Affiliates: Elizabeth Ablett (Warwick), Sofia Aboim (Lisbon), Kjerstin Andersson Bruck (ORU), Zorana Antonejvić (Novi Sad), Stina Backman (LiU), Margunn Bjørnholt (Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies), Floretta Boonzaier (Cape Town), Nina Buer (ORU), Marine Delaunay (Toulouse), Lucas Gottzén (Stockholm), Lena Gunnarsson (Lund), Andreas Henriksson (Karlstad), Richard Howson (Wollongong), Marina Hughson (Belgrade), Liisa Husu (ORU), Tanja Joelsson (Uppsala), Anna Jónasdóttir (ORU), Roger Klinth (LiU),  Andreas Mårdh (ORU), Ulf Mellström (Karlstad), Janek Ozmin (KTH), Marion Pajumets (Tallinn), Bob Pease (Deakin), Winifred Poster (Washington, St. Louis), Kopano Ratele (South African Medical Research Council/University of South Africa), Lisa Ridzén (Mid-Sweden), Linn Sandberg (Södertorn), Sofia Strid‎ (ORU), Tamara Shefer (Western Cape), Robert Svensson (ORU), Anika Thym (Basel), Zhang Chi (Hong Kong Polytechnic).