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CUReS - Centre for Urban and Regional Studies


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Mats Lundmark

Research Domains

  • Humanities-Social sciences

The multidisciplinary Centre for Urban and Regional Studies at Örebro University, Sweden, comprises 43 researchers in such various fields as Architecture, Biology, History, Human geography, Media & Communication Studies, Public health, Political Science and Sociology.

In focus of research at the Centre are processes and outcomes related to the interplay between society, nature and the built environment. The current research of CUReS could roughly be categorized according to five themes:

  • Regions of growth and stagnation
  • Place and identity
  • Urban development and place-making
  • Governance, networks and democracy
  • Environmental regulation and planning

Closely related to CUReS is the Research School Urban and Regional Studies, comprising about 24 PhD students.


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