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Media and Communication Studies

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Göran Eriksson

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  • Humanities-Social sciences

Media and Communication Studies at Örebro University is a thriving research environment of recognised international standing. It is the home of two International peer-reviewed journals: the Journal of Language and Politics and Social Semiotics, as well as the Bloomsbury book series Advances in Critical Discourse Studies. The department is a world leader in the field of critical discourse studies.

The research is conducted within three groups. The Discourse, Communication and Media research group focuses on critical discourse studies and analysis of conversations. Research investigates communication in contemporary politics and society in both traditional and web-based / social media. The Film and Visual Communication group researches Film and Visual Communication, as well as film and visual culture in a critical perspective. Research in the third group, Strategic Communication, looks at how the contemporary media landscape influences the development of strategic communication and its audience / target groups with special interest in strategic communication between companies, authorities and politicians.