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The Logics of Teaching Gender History

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About this project

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In progress 2013 - 2018


Johan Öhman

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The purpose of the dissertation is to account for and explain those particular didactic and political practices concerned with fixating the meaning of gender history as an educational content. The specific research questions addressed within the thesis are as follows:

  • What counts as viable, legitimate and teachable gender history within different didactic and political practices?
  • How is the constitution of gender history negotiated within a given practice and how does this relate to the acts of identification carried out by the individuals partaking?
  • Why and by what reasons do the participants immerse and invest themselves in the practices of constituting gender history?

The dissertation consists of two empirical sub-studies each concerned with the above mentioned questions, albeit in different contexts. The first case specifically addresses the political practice of constituting the subject content as it is manifested in the commentary sections of two online, right-wing and populist newspapers. In stark contrast to the first case the second sub-study is somewhat more representative of didactical practices within an institutionalized educative setting. This case is consequently concerned with the classroom practices of teaching gender history within the upper secondary schools of Sweden. The data for the second case is generated through the use of video recordings and as such it is the interaction and discussions between teachers and students that are of primary analytical significance.

By articulating an understanding of education and gender history within the framework of Political Discourse Theory the thesis also proposes to make a methodological contribution to the field of history didactics, in which hermeneutical approaches is predominantly used. Theoretical inspiration is therefore drawn from Jason Glynos & David Howarth’s use of the concept of logic along with the understanding of gender history put forward by Joan Wallach Scott.


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