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Mikael Quennerstedt

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The purpose of this project is to investigate knowledge, teaching and processes of learning in the school subject physical education and health (PEH). The study has the following questions: 1. What learning and knowledge appears to be relevant in PEH, and how does this knowledge appear in physical education practice? 2. What sort of learning is being promoted in PEH with regards to different types of teaching and assessment in PE?

Historical and educational research about PEH has focused on the relationship between steering documents and teaching practice (i.e. sport activities) and on teachers' and students' views of the subject. Previous research has particularly elucidated issues such as conceptions of the body and gender relations. The research overview shows a lack of studies about knowledge and processes of learning in the subject.

Socio-cultural theories about learning serve as the theoretical frame of reference in the project. Such theories will be elaborated in relation to a kind of learning that can be termed embodied learning, corporal competence or physical literacy. These theories and concepts will be used in an empirical study in eight classes spread over Sweden (Umeå, Stockholm, Örebro and Gothenburg), where local curriculum documents will be analysed, teaching observed and video recorded and where the PE teachers of the eight classes and 32 students will be interviewed in connection with the observed lessons.


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  • Örebro University