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Digitalizing national tests in mathematics

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In progress 2020 - 2021


Anette Bagger

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This project follows the process of digitalizing national tests in mathematics, with a special focus on students in need of support. Policy, test developers work and teachers and students implementation of the tests are studied. The project follow and scrutinize the tests as a system, their structure and how the actors and classrooms relate to each other. How actors, concepts and objects are included or excluded in texts and statements are used to unravel the knowledge produced, how it transforms and moves through the network of actors. Methods for analyzing are both qualitative and quantitative. Test developers and schools are followed with focus group interviews, observations and the collection of documents. The results could contribute to knowledge about the consequences of digital assessment and the emergence, organization and carrying trough of these tests in the subject of mathematics, as well as contribute to better adapted national test situation for all students taking the digital national tests in the future.


Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council