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Research environment

Care about Caring (CaC)

Care about Caring is a research environment focusing on interventions for relation-centred care, and the conditions for such care i.e. professional development and learning. The environment collaborates both nationally and internationally, and includes several research groups with applicable projects within the areas:


Environment information


Karin Blomberg

Research domains

  • Medicine

Areas of research

  • Didactics
  • Ethics
  • Health
  • Health Psychology
  • University pedagogy
  • Implementation
  • Communication
  • Competence
  • Learning
  • Medicine
  • Nursing Science
  • Pedagogics
  • Professional Development
  • Steps to increase security

The overall goal of this research environment is to develop and implement interventions for the purpose of promoting healthcare with a relation-centred approach, where dignity and participation are promoted, regardless of the caring context and patient group.

Developing sustainable relation-centred healthcare also requires a culture where professional development and learning, across and within professions, are at the core.

Research projects and training/teaching within the centre of competence focus on:

  • The relationship between the caregiver and patient/family members
  • The relationship between the professions in the healthcare team
  • The caregiver’s proficiency and professional approach

The research environment has significant national and international collaboration and includes researchers within nursing, medicine, teaching and learning, sociology, psychology and ethics. Within the environment, there are specific competencies and experience of the development, implementation and evaluation of complex interventions in healthcare. Research studies are conducted in close cooperation with both regional and municipal healthcare providers, often including a patient and a family member perspective. In studies involving healthcare innovations based on information and communication technology, collaboration exists with business and industry.

Research projects

Active projects