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Centre for Perioperative Nursing

Doctoral theses

Karin Falk Brynhildsen, The effect of peroperative skin preparation on bacterial growth during cardiac surgery, link to doctoral theses in Diva

Maria Jaensson, Postoperative sore throat and hoarseness: clinical studies in patients undergoing general anasthesia, link to doctoral theses in full text

Kati Knudsen, Airway management in anaesthesia care – professional and patient perspectives, link to doctoral theses in full text

Emma Ohlsson Nevo, Colorectal cancer: patients’ and next-of-kin’s experiences and the effects of a psycho-educational program, link to doctoral theses in full text

Ann-Sofie Sundqvist, Perioperative patient advocacy: having the patient's best interests at heart, link to doctoral thesis in full text

Margita Svensson, Patients’ experience of mood while waiting for day surgery, link to licentiate theses in full text