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Research environment

Disability Research

Två omkullblåsta träd ligger över en vägbana.


Environment information


Stephen Widen

Research domains

  • Humanities-Social sciences
  • Medicine

Areas of research

  • Disability
  • Impairment

An inclusive, interdisciplinary and competence-developing research environment with significant impact on a knowledge-based societal development for people with disabilities.

The research environment consists of researchers and doctoral students conducting research within the interdisciplinary field of disability. The research environment is closely interlinked with the doctoral subject Disability Research. Örebro University has a collaboration with Linköping University and Jönköping University. This collaboration has a history as the Swedish Institute of Disability Research – SIDR.

The research environment is committed to facilitating research that will fully make use of the potential brought to the analysis of complex phenomena through an interdisciplinary approach. Questions of impairment and disability cannot be fully analyzed within separate disciplines or fields of knowledge but should be researched in an environment which is interdisciplinary in nature. The aim of the research environment is to shed light on the different dimensions of impairment and disability, allowing different perspectives to intersect and enrich each other.

The aim with the research is to examine impairment and disability in a bio-psycho-social perspective. Researchers study the interaction between lasting physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment and various impediments and possibilities which can counteract or facilitate an individual's full participation in society on similar conditions as others.

Completed projects