Inflammatory Response and Infection Susceptibility Centre (iRiSC)


The Life Science seminar series Fall 2016

Please book these dates so that you do not miss out on these very interesting seminars. More information on the speakers can be obtained from the websites included below the seminar.

Where: HSM When: 12.15-13.00

Coffee, tea and sandwiches will be provided

September 21 Martin van den Berg, Utrecht University, The Netherlands: Riskassessment of POPs for the foetus and neonate Host: Heidelore Fiedler

October 12 Mats Karlsson, Örebro Universitetssjukhus: HPV and Cancer Host: Per-Erik Olsson

October 19 Roman Ulm, University of Geneva, Switzerland: UV-B photoreceptor signaling Host: Åke Strid

November 2 Nils Lycke, Sahlgrenska Akademin, Title: To be announced Host: Åke Strid

November 16 Joëlle Rüegg, Swetox: Epigenetic Effects of Endocrine Disruptors: from Mechanisms to Human Health Host: Nikolai Scherbak

November 30 Stefan Börjesson, National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala : Antibiotic-resistant bacteria from animals in Sweden and their zoonotic  potential Host: Jana Jass

December 14 Abraham Asseffa, Armauer Hansen Research Institute, Ethiopia: TB lymphadenitis in Ethiopia Host: Per-Erik Olsson