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Annica Kihlgren

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The research idea for this project is that the integration of the patient's own preferences (patient-reported outcomes, PROM) in municipal care combined with professional knowledge leads to increased health and survival in older people. One current doctoral project aims to develop and test a mobile phone / tablet application in which the older persons rates their own health status. In order to define health parameters for well-being and health, a literature review and interviews with older persons, staff and experts have been conducted. The results have been integrated into an interactive phone system and a pilot study performed in Örebro. The system is being tested by older persons in Halmstad, Sweden during the autumn of 2014. A control group has been recruited. The different assessment methods of individual as well as group interviews and questionnaires for statistical comparisons will be used. The evaluation will include both the older persons and the staff.


Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University