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Research environment

Public Health Economics and Research - for Practice, Policy and Politics (PHEAR-3P)

Equality in health for a sustainable society through practice-based prevention research. This requires a clear cooperation and a respectful partnership and includes research about international health, safety promotion, alcohol and drugs and children and youth. Effect, health economy and implementation studies are conducted.

Environment information

Within the research environment Public Health Economics and Research - for Practice, Policy and Politics (PHEAR-3P) interdisciplinary research in the field of public health is beeing conducted with a health and safety promotion perspective. The research environment conducts practical research and interaction between researchers, practitioners and policy makers are included in many projects. Participatory research approaches developed within the group. Within public health research are the population perspective central. Our research questions often require mixed research methods where qualitative and quantitative approaches complement each other. An extensive collaboration is going on with other researchers and practitioners nationally and internationally. To the research environment have external researchers affiliated.

Characteristic is a strong commitment to knowledge translated into action. The choice of research topics are often identified knowledge gaps where research groups collaborating with practitioners of joint practical knowledge development. The research includes problem analysis, program planning, implementation and evaluation, and program evaluation. Through our research, we want to contribute to a more knowledge-based health promotion and prevention.