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Research environment

Research Enabling an Active Life (REAL)

The aim of the REAL research environment is to conduct research in promoting health and enabling occupational performance and participation for individuals with disability and impairment. Within REAL there are four research groups and a number of freestanding REAL projects. 

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Research Groups

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Time manage-ment skills in people with cognitive limitations

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Treatment in Upper and lower limb Malformation or Amputation

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Older persons health, care and everyday life

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Promoting Mobility and Independence using Technology


Environment information


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Research domains

  • Medicine

REAL is an interdisciplinary research environment with researchers and doctoral students from Örebro University and Region Örebro County conducting research focusing on rehabilitation and habilitation. REAL research projects are often conducted in collaboration with researchers from other universities, both within Sweden and in other parts of the world; such as Europe, North America and Australia. The REAL research projects concern individuals with varying body functions in different ages and our aim is to increase the knowledge on both individual and environmental factors that influences the opportunities for individuals to participate in everyday life. The relationship between the individual, activities of daily living (ADL) and environment is the core in many REAL projects. The research findings are intended to be implemented in preventive care and rehabilitative services targeting individual, group and/or community levels.

REAL has four research groups and a number of freestanding projects. The four research groups are:

  • Treatment in Upper limb Malformation and Amputation (TUMA)
  • Time management and organization skills in persons with cognitive limitations (TOVA)
  • Older persons health, care and everyday life (ÄLVA)
  • Promoting Mobility and Independence using Technology (PROMIT)
  • Other projects

Research projects

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