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ALVA - Health, care and everyday activities of older people

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About this team

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The research group 'Health, care and everyday activities of older people' are studying the challenges that elderly people meet in today's health care system and the difficulties they encounter in their daily lives. What can be done to enhance the life situation of elderly with declining health and functioning? In our research group we investigate how interventions in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy or occupational therapy can support and facilitate daily life for older people.


We conduct studies on how different living arrangements can affect satisfaction with daily life and occupations; how older people's contact with health care changes by introducing a new care facility that is adapted to the needs of elderly; and what difficulties in daily life that makes it necessary to seek hospital care repeatedly. To study the difficulties in daily life, psychometrically sound instruments are needed, therefore one project includes validation of the health questionnaire WHODAS 2.0 for older people.


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