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Balance and fall in multiple sclerosis

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Anette Forsberg

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease affecting the central  nervous system.  Balance and gait disturbances are common and affects quality of life. Physical therapy  interventions are used to improve physical capacity however, the there is lack of evidence  for the effect of training interventions for people with more disability. The risk of falls is  often high due to the affected balance. Using assistive walking devices may reduce the  gait disturbance however it is unclear if they are support or barriers in a fall situation.  The perspective of being next-of-kin in the daily life living with a person who often falls  has not been described. The aims are 1) in a regional multi-centre randomised controlled trial investigate the effects of balance training for persons who have limited walking capacity ;  2) using interviews investigate fallsituations; 3) using interviews describe the situation for next-of-kins.
Data collection is on-going.