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Research in Sport and Physical Activity (RISPA)

RISPA is an interdisciplinary research environment with a focus on sports, physical activity and movement cultures such as dance, outdoor life and the school subject sports and health.

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Exercise Physiology and Sport Medicine

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Research in sport, health and physical education

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Didactics of physical education and health


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Research domains

  • Humanities-Social sciences
  • Medicine

As a subject, sport science is interdisciplinary in character and it is defined as the study of physical activity undertaken with the objective to promote physical and mental health, recreation, competition performance and aesthetic experience.

The research study subject area of sport science at Örebro University focuses on sports-physiological research on the body’s adaptation to inactivity as well as to different types of acute and prolonged physical activity and exercise in both health and disease. The subject also focuses on social, education, and sport management aspects of sports, including didactic, sociological, psychological and historical issues and methods within sport science. Study objects for research within the subject area include the school subject physical education and health, organised sports, sport as physical exercise and recreation, play, outdoor activities, physical performance, as well as physical training as an important measure in terms of prevention, treatment and the rehabilitation of different pathological conditions.

Within the subject, programmes are also offered that are linked to the research schools UVD (Educational sciences with emphasis on didactics) and the Graduate School for the Didactics of Physical Education.


Contact persons for the environment: Fawzi Kadi and Mikael Quennerstedt.

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