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Teachers-As-Reserchers Exploring PE-Practice

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In 2011 the Swedish government decided to invest in developing the knowledge base in school and at the same time increase the number of teachers in school with studies on a PhD level. The purpose of this venture was to enhance the quality of education through a focus on teacher competence and possibility of doing career in school.

In 2012, 200 fully government funded teachers from different subject areas started their studies to become researchers, and among them fifteen PE-teachers. The teachers work one day a week in their schools and carry out their studies four days a week in what we have called ‘Swedish research school in PE’. In this way a close connection between the daily practice of PE and research can be achieved.

The ‘research school’ takes its point of departure in a Swedish didactics of physical education tradition where questions of teaching content and learning content has been prominent (Quennerstedt & Öhman, 2008).

In the teachers-as-researchers projects focus has been on combining knowledge from the practice of PE with this research tradition in order to let the research questions to be shaped from within PE and not only reflecting external interests of academia or governmental bodies. In this way the studies can more closely explore the relation between teaching and learning within the specific prerequisites of PE practice.

In the symposium five of the teachers-as-researchers present their respective studies of PE-practice combining their knowledge of both research and practice, focussing on issues of health, grading, learning situations, assessment for learning and ethnicity.


Quennerstedt, Mikael & Öhman, Marie (2008): Swedish physical education research. Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy, 13(4), 295-302.


Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council