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Competence in the operating room

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About this project

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Competence has been previously identified as a significant determinant in nurses’ ability to provide safe patient care in the OR. Internationally, the nursing profession has embraced the use of competency statements that define behavioural guidelines. However, description of competencies in relation to the contextual nuances of the OR is limited. Specifically, identification of dimensions of competency reflecting cross-cultural complexity of the OR specialty remains a challenge. Therefore, criteria for measuring OR nurses’ and nurse anesthetist perceived competence may be different in one context to what the nurses’ perceive as important in another. Articulating the ways that competence is operationalised across different OR contexts is increasingly pertinent as or OR and anaesthetic nursing moves towards an advanced practice model as well as to inform further development of competency standards. This study aims to use a perceived competence scale with Swedish OR nurses and nurse anaesthetists to establish the scale’s validity in the Swedish context as well as if there is any differences between OR nurses and nurse anesthetist and it there is any correlations with self efficacy


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  • Brigid Gillespie, GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY