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Injury prevention & safety promotion and economic analyses

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About this project

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Injury prevention and safety promotion are now an important public health issue. Injuries not only affect the individual, also affect families, communities and countries. World Health Organization has put enormous effort for injury prevention.

Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (CIPSP) – Support centre of World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion.

  • Safe Hospital Program (worldwide)
  • Safe Campus Program (worldwide)
  • Safe Community



Research Teams


  • Daisuke Fujita, Kyoiku (Education) University
  • Aminur Rahman, Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh
  • Fazlur Rahman, Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh
  • Hasan Sadeghi Naeini, Iran University of Science and Technology
  • Kent Lindqvist, Linköping Universitet
  • Leah Okenwa, Högskolan i Gävle
  • Leif Svanström, Karolinska institutet
  • Ming-Shinn Lee, National Donghwa University, Hualien
  • Region Örebro län,
  • Saidur Rahman Mashreky, Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences
  • Shumei Wang, Fudan University, Shanghai
  • Toomas Timpka, Linköpings universitet
  • WHO - World Health Organization,
  • Örjan Dahlström, Linköpings universitet