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Own power! - An evaluation of the Swedish Inheritance Fund's special program Own power!

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The overall purpose of the evaluation is to describe the results and experiences reported and to assess if they lead to increased knowledge in the field. The evaluation will take four dimensions into consideration. The first is the degree to which the work initiated by the project has the potential to continue after the project ends (to ongoing projects). The second dimension is how well the project manages to initiate and establish structures that generate the approach outlined in the project in order to achieve the objectives (process analysis). The third dimension refers to the degree to which the project tends to meet the objectives or other results in the target range (power analysis). The fourth dimension, finally, focuses on the degree to which the target group is involved in the projects (user analysis). The basis for evaluation is made up of the projects that received funding under the initiative “Own power!”.


Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Inheritance Fund (Allmänna arvsfonden)