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Mentoring for high-school students

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About this project

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In progress 2016 - 2016



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In recent years youth mentoring programs have increased in popularity in Sweden. However research in the Swedish context is weak. International research has shown that a mentoring relationship has the capacity to lead to, among other things, reducing alcohol and drug use.


The project's purpose is to plan, establish and develop a three-year research plan to evaluate how a mentoring relationship is health promotive and how to be alcohol, drugs, doping and tobacco prevention for high school students. The project is a pilot study that will generate a well-designed research study with the aim to conduct a longitudinal effective evaluation.


The study is done in collaboration with the organization Mentor Sweden annually reaching about 800 young people in high school age (15-18 years). They offer a one-year mentorship program between a youth and an older mentor, aged 20 or older, who get involved as a volunteer.

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