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The intertwined development of interpersonal conflict and conflict resolution during adolescence: promoting and protective factors in family, peers, and romantic partners

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In the current project I aim to expand the knowledge regarding interpersonal conflict in adolescence by exploring conflict development in youths parallel to the development of conflict solving across diverse contexts. I will explore the transfer of conflict between contexts/relationships, and the effects on youths’ adjustment. I will implement the project at Utrecht University, in a research group internationally renowned in the field of relationships in adolescence, with Örebro University as administrating organization. I will use two unique longitudinal databases: a multi-informant 8-wave Dutch one (youths 12 to 25); and a 4-wave Swedish one (youths 12 to 17). Given the crucial role of relationships for youths’ development, the results will offer much needed information on how adolescents’ engagement in and solving of conflict across contexts affects their mental health, which is important for both theory, and prevention and intervention practice.

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  • Swedish Research Council