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The Violence Hub: A Platform for Outreach, Education and Critical Studies of Violence

About this project

About this project

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The Violence Hub is a multidisciplinary research, education and outreach platform for critical studies on violence in society, based at Örebro University (ORU).

The objective of The Violence Hub is to become a center for knowledge-production and knowledge-transfer on violence in society and to facilitate collaborations between and with the academy, policymakers, the public and private sectors and civil society. Members engage in joint research activities, including projects and grant applications; education, including course development and one-off lectures; and outreach, including collaborations with agents from different spheres.

The Violence Hub is based on the belief that the knowledge-base for explaining, preventing and reducing violence in society is better based on multi- and transdisciplinary collaborations and transversal dialogues among multiple agents. Members of The Violence Hub come from disciplines across the faculties at ORU, including Criminology, Gender Studies, Health, History, Law, Media and Communication, Medicine, Political Science, Psychiatry, Psychology and Social Work.