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Changing crises, changing media

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About this project

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In progress 2017 - 2018



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The main objective of this project is to examine how effective crisis communication can be achieved in times when the dramatically changing media landscape offers both opportunities and threats.

Digitalization increases communication potentials in terms of access to information, dissemination of messages and interactions between authorities, media and the public. At the same time media use patterns change and get more fragmented among different parts of the population. These new digital media and communication conditions influence public perceptions and responses to contemporary crises.

The project cover areas where substantial knowledge gaps exist, and where further studies are considered to be highly relevant both for the academic community and for practitioners working in the field of crisis management and crisis communication. 

The project is a bilateral Swedish and American research collaboration between a research team hosted by DEMICOM, Mid University and an research group at START, University of Maryland. 

Dr. Mats Eriksson, Örebro University, is co-worker in the overall research project. Eriksson attending to the team as an affiliated researcher at DEMICOM, Mid-Sweden University. 

The project is in progress until the end of 2018. 

Overall team leaders are Dr. Brooke Liu, associate Professor of Communication at the University of Maryland and Dr. Lars Nord, Professor and Chair of Political Communication at Mid Sweden University. 

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is funding the Swedish part of the project.     



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  • Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency