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In progress 2018 - 2021


Anette Bagger

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In the European educational context, inclusion has long been a central part of value such as participation, accessibility, and equality at the center. Something that there is a lack of knowledge about is how the teaching medium and learning environments can work inclusively, what makes them included and what it can mean in practice. This can be seen in Sweden, not least through the very recent inquiry into teaching materials that has recently been carried out (SOU 2021: 70). 

This project is an EU project where Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg, Sweden with Örebro University and Italy with the University of Bozen-Bolzano are partners with Germany and Bilefeld University as owners. In Sweden, Domsjöskolan in Örnsköldsvik municipality is the participating school. The starting point for the project is an international comparative study that mainly, but not exclusively, analyzes teaching materials and compiles criteria for developing and evaluating teaching materials and whether they can seem included. In Sweden, there has been a special focus on developing a children's version to facilitate conversations between teachers and students about how the teaching materials work and ensure that they may work with and above all be affected by materials, namely the students, get a voice and participation in the company with the intentions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

The project also generates training modules for teachers and provides presentations of the project's results through the website, together with other popular science and scientific publications. See website:


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  • European Commission