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Development and testing of ESTER

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Started in 2008


Henrik Andershed

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ESTER is a structured assessment, follow-up and documentation tool for individual assessment of children (0-18 years) with or at risk for antisocial behavior, developed by Henrik Andershed and Anna-Karin Andershed.

ESTER involves structured evaluation and follow-up of evidence-based risk and protective factors and interventions of children with or at risk for antisocial behavior. It aims to be a tool for those in their profession's task is to assess, decide, and provide interventions to children and their families, and to conduct systematic follow-ups. ESTEER is developed to be used by all professionals working with children, 0-18 years (health care, preschool / school, social services, child psychiatry) and to improve the effectiveness and cooperation between these professions.

ESTER is tested in several different ways in terms of reliability, validity, and practical utility in this project.

Research funding bodies

  • The National Board of Health and Welfare
  • Swedish Research Council