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The democracy survey 2004, based on a random sample of citizens in a questionnaire survey, shows that a significant part of the residents in the areas Baronbackarna in Örebro, Hageby in Norrköping and Pettersberg in Västerås, and the three municipalities as a whole feel a sense of community in their neighbourhood. They are also interested in social issues in their municipality, and they feel that they can trust people in general in their neighbourhood. At the same time, the survey also shows that there are a large number of citizens in the municipality in general, and in the residential areas in question specifically, that are loosely anchored in the municipal democracy, that lack political confidence, and not least lack confidence in the municipal political representatives. A general pattern emerges in the survey that confirms the image that people from the three residential areas to a lower degree than in the municipalities in general express political confidence, a sense of participation, and democratic influence.