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Surveillance medicine and its impact on economic development

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The purpose of the network is to build a platform for collaborative research on the subject of
surveillance medicine and its impact on economic development. The network will be involving Swedish and Colombian universities with the goal of designing joint research projects and grant applications in 2011. Firstly, we aim to bring to the fore and problematise the national systems (e.g. disease registries, vaccination campaigns, health screenings, etc.) that state authorities have implemented in order to monitor the health of their populations. Secondly, we aim to study the relationships between individual countries? healthcare systems and the support and requirements of international health organisations. These international organisations are seen as key actors in a process in which the endeavour to achieve economic development has been the central concern. The point is to, from a critical perspective, gain greater understanding of the interaction between social welfare and economic development through a study of healthcare policy in Sweden and Colombia.