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Teaching and learning processes concerning argumentation within Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

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About this project

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Johan Öhman

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The aim of this project is to create knowledge on teaching and learning regarding argumentation in ESD-discourses that involves both knowledge and ethical value. This will be accomplished by longitudinal classroom studies of upper secondary schools where the implementation of ESD already is far in progress and where argumentation are used by the teachers as an important method. The project will use video recordings of classroom practices. The project consists of two intimately entwined sub studies. The first sub study is designed to generate knowledge about how students learn how to argue. This involves changes in the quality of the structure of the argument, the nature of argumentation, the type of transactive argumentation used, the epistemological dimension and the ethical content of the argument. These changes will also be monitored using different time scales in the space of one lesson, between lessons and over the entire study period. The second sub study is designed to generate knowledge about the role that teachers play in the students´ privileging process. This makes it possible to describe qualitatively different functions that the teachers´ actions have in the context of students´ learning process. A central aspect of the project is to relate the sub studies to each other in order to investigate the relation between teaching and learning regarding argumentation.


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  • Swedish Research Council


  • Leif Östman, Uppsala universitet